Monday, June 14, 2010

YouTube, Ravelry, and Bestfriends

Neen and Mel

Since I have been online (two years) I have met many wonderful crafty and talented people, I have always enjoyed being friendly, but usually I have just kept it that way - being friendly without being friends.... Then a while ago I noticed some lovely comments on my YOUTUBE account, but with planning a wedding I didnt get chance to read them all until I was on honeymoon, I still remember Morg and I both went online in the hotel to check our mail and look up the addresses of some Barcelona yarn shops - When I saw this message

scrappyfoxy (8 months ago)
I hope you have a wonderful wedding today, enjoy every
 minute of this day, 
and I hope everyone loves the crochet things you made
your wedding. xxx

I soon saw it was the same lovely lady that had liked my other videos, so I remember sending a quick hello and logging off to continue with our day, Morgan and I talked about ScrappyFoxy over lunch and how kind it was that she remembered the day we were getting married.

After that we messaged eachother a couple of times  where I found out that this thoughtful person was Melanie, a wonderful crocheter with lovely videos also on youtube, Melanie soon joined Ravelry and there we were able to post longer messages to eachother, I can only speak for myself but it was here that I felt we connected on a deeper level - we had so much in common - wonderful husbands, a love for crochet and a deep love for chocolate ;)
We decided to become penpals, we exchanged Email addresses where we sent LONG letters back and forth describing our life and family and background - each letter brought to light more and more things we had in common.
We sent care packages back and forth and have talked on skype while also making home videos for eachother to be sent through email, as Mel lives in the UK and I am in Ireland we fast became Bestfriends, I think at first we both thought "Gosh this has happened really quickly" but Morgan one night said to me "Children go to school and after a day can come home with a bestfriend, knowing everything about them and loving them, whats so different now, only that as we get older we loose that magic" and how right he was!

My friendship with Mel has grown so much, I find that if I am shopping I see things and wonder would Mel like that, we are very close and all thanks to YOUTUBE ;) who would have thought!!

In August Morgan and I will be flying over to the UK to visit Mel and John and oh how I cant wait to finally be able to have a chat face to face and do all the things we have said we will, I cant wait to just sit with her and crochet! or sit down and eat dinner together - and see their wonderful garden and cute pets
to visit Mel you can find her wonderful blog here Cosy Living

Melanie, Your my bestfriend and Morgan and I cant wait to spend a week with you and John

So tell me, have any of you got an online bestfriend?


  1. How sweet! I have been reading Melanie's blog for a while, so I knew about you. I think it is such a testament to friendship and the fellowship humans can enjoy.

  2. What a wonderful story! Yes, I do have an online bestfriend. She is from Spain. We met via Flickr, then connected through blogging, and finally I was lured into the wonderful world of Ravelry. Our birthdays are exactly one week apart and we send each other packages as well. I feel that I know her very well and wish that we could be able to meet in person. You can visit her blog here and see her wonderful handmades:

  3. Oh Neen, that is just lovely, it brought a tear to my eye while reading it. You are my best friend, and I am so so happy that we have met, we have so much in common, it is uncanny! I am going to show everyone who comes into our home this post, and I am going to put it on my blog. I can not wait for you to come over here, I am so excited, as you know, lol, it will be wonderful. Thank you so so much for been such a dear and good friend to me. :) xxx

  4. Hi pom pom, Isnt Mels blog just wonderful!

    Hello Libby - I cant wait to go and see your friends blog, I also love yours x

    Oh mel Im so excited about finally getting over!

  5. Me too Neen, I can not wait!!!! :) xxx

  6. Neen,
    I think this is wonderful. I "met" Melanie about 3 years ago at Brocante Home, and found she is a very sweet easy to "talk" to person.
    This is what I love about blogs, you can meet people across the water without leaving your living room.
    Have a wonderful trip, take lots of pictures.

  7. Thanks Barb, I really cant wait Melanie is a wonderful person xx


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