Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pattern for Victorian Pinkie

Designed By: Nina O'Brien, Handmade Crochet
SP = Space
HDC = Half-Double Crochet
INC = Increase
ST = Stitch
St’s= Stitches
DEC = Decrease

Hook size: 5mm

CH 3, join.
1: CH 3. HDC, CH 1, 5 more times, do no join.
2: HDC, CH 1, twice in each space
3: HDC, CH 1 twice in each space 

4:  HDC, CH 1 in each space
5: HDC INC every 2 ST’s
6: HDC, CH 1 in each space.
7: HDC INC every 4 St’s
8: HDC, CH 1 in each space.
9: HDC INC every 5 St’s.
10: HDC, CH 1 in each space around
11: HDC INC every 5 St’s.
12-13: HDC, CH 1 in each stitch around.
14: HDC DEC every 5 St’s.
15-19: HDC, CH 1 in each space around, the more rounds you add here the longer the hat
20: HDC DEC over two spaces, CH 1, around – (25 HDC DEC total)
21-24: HDC in each stitch & Ch 1 space.
To end, skip 1 stitch and slip stitch in the next. Secure and cut yarn.

please note:
I have no problem giving my patterns for free to other crafters, all I ask that if posting this pattern up on any site that you link it to me and keep my name on it - however if selling any object made from my pattern please ask my permission first -  also DO NOT claim this pattern as your own, it has been copyrighted. 
If you crochet this hat please let me know and show pictures I would love to link your site here x


  1. This hat looks so cute, I have a question about the pattern, what hook is used? Thanks!

  2. Love this hat Neen, so pretty and fem! xxx


Thank you for the comment - I will always try to answer them here, Have a lovely day xxx