Monday, June 28, 2010

Yellow Ribbons, Packages, Sunburn and Bulls on steroids!

On Sunday we attended the Currandulla Show, it is on once a year and is great fun for all the family I went with my husband Morgan, mum Trish, brother Ant(15) and sister Shauna(11), they host many competitions such as:

  • Best fruit cake
  • Best Sweet cake
  • Best flower arrangement
  • Best Art work
  • Photography
  • Needle work
  • Knitting
  • Crochet in Cotton
  • Crochet in Wool 
Last year I entered and was delighted to win a yellow ribbon for 3rd place in Crochet in Wool, you can read that post HERE

So this year I entered my 1940's hat and was delighted to see I got another yellow ribbon :

The lady that came first and second has entered the most detailed lace crochet blankets I have ever seen - beautiful!
Also at the fair there was Best Bull 2010 competitions on, and some of the bulls were HUGE!! we joked about how we thought this one was on steroids! ... What do you think?
Look at the muscles! 

This guy was adorable!

All the men at the fair seemed to be huddled together at on end on the field, when we got down it was easy to see why, A Vintage Car Show!

There was lots on this year, much more then last year and all the kids seemed to be having a blast, after the Bonnie Baby awards my Brother and Sister decided to go on some of the rides and I had such fun watching them and laughing at their terrified faces while taking photos! (maybe that's my evil streak coming through)
Ant, the faster the ride, the better!

Ant and Shauna

All the kids, looking dizzy!

Half way through the day we met my in-laws, mother in law  Elizabeth, father in law Thady and sister in law Milo with her boyfriend Craig - Talk about family day out!
the two mothers, my mum Trish in the red and my mum in law Elizabeth in the purple

It was so windy at the fair but still warm, Little did I know I was getting badly sun burned :( the next day my arms were on fire.

Ann and Elizabeth

Craig and Milo

We walked around and stopped to look at the dog show and horse show, some of the dogs were so cute, we even saw a terrier wearing a tutu! Morgan was so at home with all the pups, he really wants a dog, but with us renting a bungalow and already having two cats and two turtles the time is not right, 

Morgan and Shauna LOVED the dog show

Does my bum look big in this?

Which dog is your favorite? 

It was such a hot day, and while we were in the craft tent, Shauna went really weak and went into a faint, once outside she was back to her usual self but to cheer her up I treated her in getting her hair wrapped, this woman was wrapping hair in wool and the inner child in me really wanted one :) 

When the fair was finished I collected my ribbon and cash prize and we all sat in a hay field having a picnic of KFC chicken, chips with garlic sauce and coke which my mum and dad kindly got for us, the perfect ending to a lovely day, Life cant get better I thought - but then Shauna showed me the lovely painting she did of me

Our day was lovely and I was so proud to have won a ribbon but I was shattered! and so happy to see my lovely little bungalow again

After a hard and busy day today at work I was feeling very sorry for myself, my sunburn was hurting and all I wanted was a shower and to veg out on the sofa, what a lovely surprise to have a package waiting for me from Carmen from the Ravelry group RAK, She sent me colourful crochet hooks, patterns and a cute selection of buttons!

Thanks Carmen!

So how did you spend your weekend? I would like to thank everyone who takes the time and reads my posts and leaves comments - I find it so rewarding and wonderful, Thank you
Love, Neen x


  1. Sounds like a fun day out! I wish we had carnivals like this around here.

  2. Wow, Neen! You had a lot of fun! I'm so sorry to hear about your sunburn. I hope it cools soon.

  3. That sounds like a fantastic weekend, Country shows are a lot of fun. Well done on the ribbon- the hat looks great! Hope the sunburn is feeling better

  4. wow it sounds like you all had such a lot of fun!:)

  5. Congrats on your ribbon! Looks like you all had a great day out. It was probably worth the sunburn. lol

  6. Well done Neen on winning a ribbon with your crochet, I knew you would. :) Your hat is fab!
    What a great day, right up my street, our airshow is a little like this, with displays ect..., I'll take some piccies when it is one for you, if you were coming over just 2 weeks earlier, you would of caught the airshow, never mind, maybe next year. :) xxx


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