Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Wedding Photos... AT LAST!!

So here they are finally..... My Wedding photos, well a small selection anyway!For anyone that did not know we won a free Wedding in the beautiful Clayton Hotel in Galway. Morgan entered a competition being held by Galway bay FM (our local radio). The public were asked to write the story of their relationship, proposal etc in 300 words or less. Morgan created a hand illustrated and written book on brown recycled paper and thank God it was chosen as the winner. This honestly was a dream come true, as we really couldn’t afford a wedding, and desperately wanted to get married. We were Married on 17th Oct 2009

My God-Daughter Erica was one of our flower girls, she looks so adorable here, I was up until 3AM the night before the wedding crocheting the cape 

Here is my little sister Shauna, who was a real little maid of honor to me, she came to every dress fitting we me and never complained even though she is an eternal tom-boy!

My other God Daughter Niamh looking so cute!, they came over from Manchester for the day

Morgans two sisters Maria(above) and Genny(below)were also my bridesmaids, I made the capes in a beautiful mohair yarn

My Flowers

With my mum Patricia after she helped me into my dress

My Dad rented us a Roles Royce as a surprise!

Leaving the comfort of my old bedroom, Mum had decorated the stairs with wonderful flowers and Tull

Here Come The Girls!!

I crocheted flowers for all the women guests, as a keepsake

John, The Best man

Flower Girl Basket I made

At the chapel on time with my Dad

Shauna, Layla holding her daughter Niamh, Maria, Dad, Me,Gen, Ethan the page boy and Erica

My Husband to be!

You may now kiss the Bride!!

Lighting our unity candle

My Brother Ant, did a wonderful reading and was a great groomsman!

Shauna was an alter server for the mass

The Wedding Party

The whole gang!

We had these candles and flowers on the alter to remember, those no longer with us - Mine and Morgans Grandfathers Bill and Paddy, and my two brothers John Patrick and Patrick Micheal

Under an archway of flowers

With Morgans Family

My Family

After the chapel we popped in to see the dear folks of the nursing home where I work, 

More pictures to follow of the reception, as soon as I sort through them, hope you liked the pictures xx


  1. Oh Neen, they are gorgeous, I love them. You look so beautiful and happy, and you and Morg make a wonderful couple. :) xxx

  2. Your wedding was beautiful (as were you and your wedding party)!!!

    I LOVED the handmade touches!

  3. Beatiful pics Neen, you were absolutely drop-dead gorgeouse. And what a great photographer! Ofcourse when the objects photographed are so pretty, it makes the job easier :P

  4. Congratulations! The wedding photos are beautiful and I am just admiring the fact that you had/took the time to crochet so many wonderful things. It was a very nice touch and I'm sure that the guests and wedding party were very appreciative. :-)

  5. I forgot to mention that I found your blog through a new follower of mine. When I saw your wedding pictures I said to myself "Hey, she looks familiar!" Then I remembered seeing one of the photos in Ravelry. Small world. LOL

    Great blog!

  6. I have been in your blog (backwards) for a lot of time today. And when I read this post I could not NOT write to you!
    This is so kind, so kind, to visit the old people in your work in your wedding gown and make them part of the celebration!

    I like the way you and your husband love each other and I wish every happiness to both of you :)

    About me: I like knitting too-that is how I "fall" in your blog, I have read every Maeve Binchy printed-and loads of other books, and my work is an important part of my life.

  7. Neen,
    Congratulations for your marriage. I wish you and your husband to have all the love, in yours' family.
    I also wish to say to you how much I appreciate your respectfulness and kindness to the elders.
    Respect and kindness makes the lives of all of us, so much richer!

  8. Hello everyone- thank you for the kind comments xx


Thank you for the comment - I will always try to answer them here, Have a lovely day xxx