Monday, November 1, 2010

Monsters loose in Tesco! and Crochet Today.

Did everyone have a good Halloween then? We had such a good time and I have to say I never laughed so much in all my life- Thank God for my wonderful husband you had the brain to take lots of photos so that I could share our night with you all!

We started by spending the day with my family, where we had a lovely roast dinner and watched a little telly - then we started the fun and games!

 We started by playing the Flour game, you pile the flour up and place a grape on the top, next each player take a turn by cutting away a bit of flour, and whoever knocks down the grape has to get their face dunked into the flour!!

 Here's my brother Ant looking a little pale ;)

 Shauna next!

 Then Dad, always up for some fun!!

 and Morgan looking ghostly!

and last.. Me!

Next we all took a game of Blind man bluff

 My handsome Husband

 Mr and Mrs Monster, AKA- Dad and Mum

 All the family

 Shauna looking for Blood!

 The Grim Reaper came for my Grandmother!

 A photo for the Christmas cards maybe?

 After visiting the family we dropped into Tesco shopping center to get a drink before taking  Shauna Trick or Treating

We gave a few people a reason to smile at least, and my Dad won first prize at a fancy dress he went to that night!

after the trick or treating we then went to LoLo's fancy dress party, LoLo is Morgans Godmother,

 Stacey loved Sister Crochet ;)

 Graham the Ghost Buster

 Morgan and his Godson Ethan

 My sister in law Genny trying to take a nibble on me!!!

 The flour game was played here too!

Today I had a wonderful surprise, I picked up this months copy of crochet today and when I finally got round to sitting down to read it I could not believe that a letter I had sent in July was published!! and whats more is that it was published in the Letters we Love section, which means I get a year worth of free Crochet Today magazines!! I am beyond happy! how lucky am I?
 I wrote the letter about how I enjoy the patterns in the magazine and how me and my best friend Melanie did the Snowyday Hat crochet along - and how we met etc
This however is not the first time that I have been on this page in Crochet Today- My husband sent in a letter back in May with photos of all the things I had crocheted for the wedding, this was such a surprise to me and its something I was so proud off!

Crochet wise I am working on this cardigan, it is very hard and the pattern is not wrote out that well, but Im getting there

Have a wonderful week everyone :)


  1. as always neen im so proud of you mum xx

  2. It was a super fun day hun...your costume wss brilliant!

  3. Congrats Neen!!! That is amazing. YAY free crochet pattern magazines for a year. Love it. ahh and your hubby is amazing for sending in your pics thats awesome.

  4. WOW, super costumes! Some picture make me smile!:) You are very lucky about this wonderful family :) I wish you too a wonderful week! :)

  5. oh wow, it looks like you all had such a great Halloween, you really celebrated it didnt you, fab!!!
    I am so proud that your letter got published in CT, well done you on winning a years sub! wow!! I can not wait to get my copy of CT so I can see the letter for real :)
    Love the cardi your working on, Im sure it will be gorgeous when it is done.
    Take care my best friend xxxxxx

  6. Great costumes. I would never play that flour game.

    Congratulations on your Crochet Today letter :-)

  7. What fun and congrats on the magazines!

  8. I saw your letter in my copy of CT and forgot to shout to you about it. So Cool! Congratulations! Love the costumes (great action shot of you and your sister there). Good luck with the pretty cardi! I'm learning to knook, Neen. It's knitting with a crochet hook and very much appeals to a hooker like me. Socks, here I come! Come check it out on Ravelry (there's a group linked in my profile).

  9. Hi Morg - didnt we have such fun!

    Hi Aisha - Ya he is pretty darn amazing!! shhh.. dont tell him I said so ;)

    Hi B - Thank you we spent the day laughing and laughing!!!

    Hi Mel - Cant wait for you too read the letter xx

    Hi Brad - why wouldnt you play the flour game ;)

    Hi Clara - Thanks :)

    Hi WMS- I read your blog about the knook - I so wish I could try it but we cant get them here in Ireland :(

  10. Let's just say I'm not a messy person. Purposely making a mess? Nope.


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