Sunday, November 7, 2010

Crochet and My Home

Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping warm and snug on these cold evenings, I want to share a crochet project with you, I made this last December but only got round to taking photos today!, So I braved the icy weather to pose for these shots

I made this three in one scarf, I got the yarn from Barcelona, and added two wooden buttons

 I love the colour of this yarn and the little gold sparkles in it is very seasonal!

 You can also wear it around your waist

I also have been enjoying the ribbon embroidery, and created this little piece on Friday night

My Sister Shauna is doing a great job with her projects and hopefully I will have some photos to show you next week
At the moment I am reading the wonderful book Knot Sure - it is about the life of Irish fashion designer Cyrill Cullen, what an interesting man he was - 

Having taught himself to knit for a 10-shilling bet in 1960. Cork-born Cyril Cullen went on to become one of Ireland’s most internationally renowned designers with creations described by John Rocha as ‘sophisticated, sometimes whimsical, and yet inherently Irish in tradition and execution’.

Today I will be making this hat, I just love it! isn't it so adorable!

This morning I woke up before 9AM, and cleaned up around the house, dusting and hovering and then I gave the fire a good clean out and polished and mopped, and I even baked a lovely Plum Crumble and I must say it smells gorgeous! now I am going to light the candles get into my new PJ's, and set up camp with my favorite pillow and blanket on the sofa and crochet while watching telly, I have just taken these pictures to share with you all My lovely and cozy sitting room - 

Candles set such a romantic mood!

 On my fireplace I love to have all my photos- all nice and clean and polished!

 My lovely sofa, with my crochet waiting for me

 Morgans latest art 

More of Morgans art, the piece on the wall is called Juliet and the one framed is me on our wedding day

Thanks to everyone again for reading and double thanks to those who comment - it always means alot - so what are your plans for the week ahead? Take care and keep warm! 


  1. So so cold! You look beautiful hun! Your scarf and ribbon embroidery look amazing!

  2. i woke up extra early this morning too, hit the floor to say my prayers, and meditate then jumped right into crochet!! of course checked email and such then back to crochet, all i love sunday mornings. Love the scarf, share the pattern? Please?

  3. Hiya Neen :) I love your 3 in one scarf and your ribbon embroidery, fab :)
    Your sitting room looks so cosy and warm, I love it :)
    Take care and stay warm xxxxx

  4. Everything about this post was wonderful to me. I love the idea of making a scarf that can be worn in several ways - I'm totally going to run with that. I'm also a big admirer of your ribbon embroidery - I never encountered the craft before and the results you've come out with strike me as a lovely way to make something like a cushion much more beautiful.

    A fireplace is the one thing my house is missing on an evening like this. :(

  5. My big plan for the Winter is to learn to crochet better (more than a pot holder or a little flower :) ). Your scarf is very pretty, love the colour.

    I've always wanted a red sofa. My living room is very bare, not cozy at all. A work in progress, I guess.

    Have a happy Monday!

  6. Hi Morg - Love ya xx

    Hi Aisha - Im writing the pattern out and once it is done I will put it on a post on here x

    Hi Mel - Yep the sitting room is always warm and welcoming - I try to make it homely and cosy

    Hi Michelle - wow, thanks for the lovely comment, anytime you want I can show you the ribbon embroidery if your interested, as for the fire place - oh I LOVE having a real one,

    Hi Missy - well youtube is a fab place to learn crochet, thats what I did - good luck :)

  7. Hi Clara - Thanks very much x

  8. I like that green for the scarf. The multipurpose buttons are a great feature, of course.

    I also like how you did the hearth candle arrangement.

  9. What a lovely blog you have! Love the scarf and your fireplace is marvelous...
    Greets from a belgian crocheter,

  10. Hi Brad - I love candles around the fire place, sometimes I set up an arrangment in the hearth and it always looks very elegant

    Hi Nanita - Thank you for the kind comments always nice to meet fellow crocheters

  11. Thank you, but your husband is the one with drawing and coloring talent.

  12. I was going to take a picture of the chicken earlier today, but she didn't want to come out and be photogenic. Her name is Goldie and the other one is Paprika.


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