Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crocheting the Grandparents! and more Crocheted Babies!

Hi Everyone, How is your week going so far? Mine has been full of .... yes you guessed it! Crochet! My Granddad was visiting us from Manchester last week, while sitting he was watching me crochet with great interest and asked "So, would ye over throw out an ald cap'pin for me?" to which I said no problem! so here it is!

Once it was finished though I thought, "I cant post this without sending one to Nanna either!" so know they have a His and Her set :)

I was blessed this month in the fact that a lovely woman on Ravelry "Raked" me a pattern that I was longing for, for those of you who dont know what it is to be Raked - it is when somebody does a Random Act of Kindness for you with no interest of anything in return- and in return if you can- Rak someone else in return! Below is my finished Woodland Long Elf Hat

The roses and leafing is a pain to sew on - but well worth it!

Also I took part in a lovely pattern swap and received the Fancy Floral Diaper Cover and Headband notes and made this beauty! I have to say that both patterns where so easy to read and follow and I will use them often!

So what about you guys? what are you up to?


  1. This 'raked' idea is lovely. The Woodland hat and scarf are beautiful and certainly look like the were worth the effort (I'm very partial to flowers!)

  2. Thanks very much KS I too love flowers

  3. Love the hats Neen, especially the elf hat, they are all gorgeous :) xxx


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