Sunday, March 13, 2011

Grannies at the Circus,Crochet and St. Patrick's Day

Hello everyone,
how has your week been? I have been so busy, It started on Friday, The Circus came to town and kindly sent the nursing home free tickets - so five of us staff members gave up our Friday evening and stepped forward to take some residents! The weather was horrid and before we even got into the tent we were covered in mud! Once the show started we really enjoyed it and the residents couldnt take their eyes off the acts - below is the video I took while there

Here we all are waiting for the taxis to take us there-

Each staff member was partnered with a resident, here I am with the lovely Mai

I am so proud of this photo I captured!

we had ring side seats, 

This weekend I have been a lean mean crochet machine! I have had a back log of projects I needed to finish - so I got down to business and today I finished four! here they are (let me know which is your favorite!):
Here is a frog hat I designed - I will be posting up the free pattern to this next week :)

Next a cream beret (my pattern) but the rose is from a youtube video

Yesterday I treated myself to a netting fork and this morning while learning how to do hairpin lace I created a neck-warmer/headband - finished with a little wooden button

A friend of mine recently had a baby boy, so cute! so I crocheted him a little waist coat - the picture does not do the yarn justice - so first here is the yarn I used

I used three wooden bark buttons to finish it off, I cant wait to see the little man in this!

I hope you all have a lovely week, and enjoy St. Patricks Day (March 17th) to celebrate this day I gave a workshop on Saturday on "How to Make a Wreath" here is mine finished


  1. Love your hats Neen, the beret is lovely :) looks great at the circus too :) xxx

  2. They are all gorgeous, but I think the frog hat is my favourite

  3. I just wondered if the cream beret was made from your free pattern? It is so pretty that I may try to make one myself. I am Barbara from Texas/USA. My geneology goes way back to Ireland though and someday I hope to visit.

  4. I love that horse picture...wish I could have gone too!

  5. OOh i love that headband/neck skarf thing, im wearing your scarf thing today, the one you took a photo of me in :D


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