Monday, March 8, 2010

A new laptop

On Saturday Husband and I went into Currys and look what I got!! a PINK DELL Laptop! I am so happy as I have been using my husbands 8year old laptop and It has been no good for my writing,

Also I have finally got around to becoming a designer on Ravelry (thanks Aga for telling me how to go about applying) so far I have three designs up with many more to go, but thanks to my new laptop typing out the patterns is no longer a problem!


  1. Warning! Warning! Pink overdose!

    Congrats on putting your patterns on Ravelry. Hope you have many, many sales there!

  2. Pink is ok by me!

    "pink is my signature color" Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias

    amen Julia....amen.

  3. Love the pink laptop Neen! Well done about Ravelry, that is fantastic news. xxx


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