Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snowy Day Hat, Crochet-along

Mel and I decided to follow the above pattern for our second crochet along

Here is Mels hat and mine side by side,

I had such fun making this with her! It worked up really easily.
I made a few changes to mine with the shape of the ear flaps and I also decided against using braids, but I love the yarn! which I got on Saturday from Julie, a friend in CafeCreate

I love Mels hat as she really put in lots of effort to match the colours to the pattern!
It was a great crochet along and all I can say is .... "NEXT!"

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  1. Lol, yip, next please, your turn to choose. :)
    I love your hat Neen, it is so pretty and snuggly. xxx


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