Monday, September 28, 2015

A Birthday Poem For Obi

When I open my eyes
what do I see?
Your two brown  eyes staring back at me

Your curly head
Your wrinkled up nose
I love my boy to the tip of your toes!

Little hands that reach for mine
holding you close
our hearts are entwined

No one will know the bond that we share
I cant begin to imagine never having you here.

Its not always easy...but this much I know
Even with your tantrums and screaming midnight shows-

That with every month that passes
your more special then before
and every stage we overcome
I love you more and more

I pray that I can teach you to choose right from wrong
that you will be a leader
standing tall, confident and strong.

God has given me many gifts
and I praise him for each one,
but the gift that Im most proud of?
Is that Obi, your my son.

I wrote this as a small gift to my son Obi to celebrate his 1st birthday

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