Friday, July 8, 2011

Publicity,Nail Polish and Sewing!

Hi everyone - a few weeks ago I was contacted by journalist Mark Keenan of the Sunday Times newspaper, who wanted to know more about CafeCreate and about my crochet designs, he spoke to me at length and asked me to email him photos of myself and the group, which I did - when the article came out I saw he didn't use the photos and misquoted me but at least the stitch group got some free publicity 

 As you will see from the close up below after a half hour conversation not much of what I said was published, ha ha! it makes me see that you cant believe everything you read in the papers!!

I would like to share with you a lovely gift I received from a Co- Worker yesterday, Maggie spent a few weeks back in her home Poland and while there she picked me up so very unusual nail polish by Inglot
First what you do is apply your base colour, I used turquoise, and then you apply the Inglot polish, mine is pink- as the pink goes over the turquoise it cracks leaving the below effect on your nails! I love it!

Craft wise I have finished two sewing projects at the moment, I decided to make my husband a little pack that he could carry his pencils around in.

I have also made a crochet hook holder too

Have a lovely weekend everyone, what are your plans ?


  1. Your sewing is so beautiful and neat

  2. Well done on been in the news, that is great! I love your nail varnish, wow, what a great effect, and your sewing is lovely Neen :) xxx


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