Sunday, December 12, 2010

Crochet, Mittens, Christmas Handbags and My Grandmother!

I hope you have all had a wonderful week, I am feeling much better- last week I found out the reasoning behind my sickness - infected wisdom tooth! so the wonderful dentist pulled the tooth and after a week of feeling bruised and swollen I am back to my usual self.
Craft wise I have been busy crocheting some extra warm mittens for my husband Morgan - I brought him last week into our LYS Pippa Blue and told him to pick out what yarn he wanted them made from, he was stuck between two colours, Grey or Blue - in the end he declared "Sure, just make me one of each!" As you will see - that's exactly what I did!

I finished them last night and was delighted that they do in fact fit like a glove! This morning I decided to give making myself a pair of mittens ago also - although I decided not to go down the crochet road as it would take some time so instead I sewed some using warm fleece

I made a couple of mistakes but all in all they are so snug and comfy to wear, and took less then half an hour to make! I think I shall be making a few more of these!!

I want to share with all you women out there a great tip in turning your everyday handbag into a festive creation! and all you need is a Christmas decoration! simply attach the decoration onto your bag using nothing more then a safety pin and there you go - strut your stuff around the town wearing something Santa himself would be proud of!

While on the subject of Christmas, I am busy trying to do as many handmade items as I can for gifts - of course there will be those that aren't "craft worthy" but for the rest that appreciate it - there will be lots to go around (I hope!) first on the list was a crochet hat for my beautiful grandmother Bride (Dads Mother) as you can see my grandmother is a stunner

and so I wanted to make her two hats,
1. a casual, can wear to the shops, everyday wear hat.
2. a fancy, can wear going out hat
So I decided to work on the fancy one first and here it is, kindly modeled for me by my sister in law Gen

I hope she likes it, I used a very soft yarn in brown and also some gold thread to give it that something "extra" - I have been doing alot of crochet today and will post some more on that during the week - until then - have a lovely Monday and keep warm and happy xxx


  1. Oh I'm so glad you're feeling better. I thought you had been sick a little too long. That blasted wisdom tooth! (All of mine were cut out when I was 21.)

    Your grandmother is a beauty! I love her entire ensemble and what my mother would give for that hat!!!

    You did a beautiful job on the mittens and crocheted hat. That gold is the perfect extra touch.

  2. Hiya neen :) I am so pleased your feeling better now :)

    I love both pairs of mittens you have made, and the hat for your nanna is just lovely, the gold thread really sets it off.

    Great idea about the Christmas dec on the bag!!! xxxx

  3. Yes, glad you are better. Your Grandma is so stylish! What wonderful gloves/mittens you have made.

  4. Hi, could you tell me what type of wool you used and what size hook? This is a beautiful hat, your work is awesome and inspiring.


Thank you for the comment - I will always try to answer them here, Have a lovely day xxx