Monday, May 3, 2010

Patchwork and Hooking in Galway

On Saturday Morgan I went to see this patchwork exhibit in the city museum, everything was so beautifully put together, I really enjoyed looking at them all and loved them even more knowing that all works were made by people living in Galway and wanted to share them here with you :) The museum was very interesting and in many ways I was ashamed I had never visited before, I mean it is full of history of my home land! I enjoyed my time spent there and I know it wont be my last visit!

Also I called into PippaBlue  one of the best yarn/ material shop in Galway and the owner Ger, gave me this great huge hook as a gift! Ger and Eva have been wonderful over the year to me and the stitch group and  now I cant wait to start my broomstick lace :)


  1. Thank you for sharing with us this beautiful pictures from this patchwork exhibit. It´s wonderful, what an amazing work. =)

    Have a nice week.

    Lovely greets,

  2. Wooooaaaahhh, that crochet hook is deadly! It sure can be used as a weapon!

    Fantastic quilts! Where about was the exhibition? Spanish arch? I'd love to go and see it too. The one with hearts and the colourful wave are my favourites ;)

  3. The patchwork creations are beautiful, I would have loved that exhibition. Wow, that is some size crochet hook! Its more like one of those huge drum sticks the Salvation Army use to play their huge drums! Good luck with the broomstick lace, I cant wait to see it. :) xxxx

  4. That's the biggest hook I've ever seen!


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